• Trip Planner

    Lists out the buses with route details and Estimated Time of Arrival, if you enter the source and destination.

  • Nearest Bus Stop

    See the nearest bus stops to you when you enter an address or a landmark.

  • Track Your Bus

    See exactly where your bus on the map real time.

  • Reminders

    Receive departure alarms and stop notifications.

  • Favorites

    Quick access to all of your favorite bus routes, stops and buses that you use most often.

  • Wallet

    Digital bus pass using QR code.

want to digitalize public transit in your city?

busparrot is a passenger information platform that can be implemented anywhere in the world. If you want to digitalize public transport of your city and make real bus information available at mobile phones, bus stations, bus stops and buses, then you're just three steps far!!!


1. Mark Bus Route

Mark bus route of your city using busparrot route marker app.

-Beta Version-

2. Add Bus Schedule

Add bus schedule information by logging into busparrot operator app.

-Coming Soon-

3. Track Your Bus

Now track your bus real-time, view the bus schedule information and more!!

-Beta Version-


Motivation Behind

Traffic congestion and pollution are common problems faced by most cities. One day breath in Delhi equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes!! Odd-Even rules to promote public transportation and solve the problem was largely unsuccessful. Buses are the most common modes of public transportation with zero Passenger Information Infrastructure even in this digital-era in many countries.

busparrot from V-ROBOTICS PASSENGER INFORMATION SYSTEMS PVT LTD reduce passengers wait times and encourage the use of public transport by keeping them informed. We design and develops passenger information platform for public transport including electronic dashboards and mobile apps, helping bus passengers by making real-time traveling information available at bus stations, bus stops, buses and their smartphones. It is a Digital India motivated social innovation to promote public transportation and thereby reducing city traffic, carbon emission and fossil fuel consumption and improve the quality of city life.

TEAM busparrot

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Satheesh C, Founder, CTO

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Manoj Kumar, CEO

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Kurian, Business Operations

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Chandran K, Co-Founder, Director


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Professor Keyoor Purani

Executive Director, IIMK LIVE

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Ajith - Joint Transport Commissioner (Retired)


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