Digital Transformation of Bus Stations ???

Digital Transformation of bus stations now easy with busparrot for bus stations

World's first fully automatic RFID departure announcement, departure display, awareness and advertisement system for bus stations, helping bus passengers by making real time bus departure announcement available at the bus terminals in audio visual means. Connected, IoT device, announcement triggered using RFID card or using the busparrot's bus operator app.

Features & Details

Smart Bus Stations for Smart People


Passenger information for all including blinds and ignorant people as announcement is there

Multi lingual announcement helps other language peoples too

Gives a modern look and feel to our bus stations

Covid19 awareness messages give guideliness to passengers to be followed during journey

Easy mass publishing of information from government, local body(panchayat, municipality,corporation) etc


Easy Departure Announcement

Optional Departure Display

Multilingual Support

Trigger Announcement using bus's RFID card/station master app/busopertor app/direct user interface

Connected, IoT device, no any human activity required once installed, and remote monitorable and controllable

Option for audio - visual Advertisement

Awareness audio visuals support

Disaster management mass alert facility

Weather proof enclosure

100Watts in bult Power Amplifier with 100V line matching output

In-built UPS 12V/7Ah


Our no-nonsense pricing.

Bus Station Parrot Ultimate Model

INR40,000/- plus GST

  • In-built 12V/7Ah Battery Backup
  • 20Watts X 2 AudioOutputs
  • Weather proof Enclosure
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Public Transport Digitalization Consulting and Solutions

Purchase a bus station parrot and start earning from it by installing it in some bus stations in your area. Feel free to contactus for any doubts. Company can supply the device and help you on implementation.





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Bus Station Parrot

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